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How Do I Enroll?

If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction and wants to change, there is hope.

Our program is truly a working program developed with a “community” approach. We have found that by simply providing experienced direction and implementing structured guidelines in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment, this allows us to assist those that had become forgotten or dismissed.

Participants must attend four Twelve Step oriented meetings, and participate in one hour of something spritually based each week. They must acquire a Twelve Step sponsor and ‘work the steps’. They will be required to adhere to a set of household rules, which include chores, curfews, mandatory house meetings and maintaining their living quarters. Clients will learn to be self-sufficient, which means they must be willing to seek employment.

Residents will learn about service early. They will participate in the set up and tear down of Recovery Unlimited meetings, which are a required part of our program. For more information, please contact intake.

1. Prospective Residents must fill out an application:

Editable in docx or standard pdf

2. Residents must adhere to the Client Contract and Lodging Agreement

Where there is life there is hope...