Tucson Chamber of Commerce
Shown above (left to right): David Emmerson, Ken Johnsen, James Giddings, Aaron Gonzalez
Responsibility Today
Please click above if you are able to help. 100% of donations go to help people in need.

We currently have 6 resident homes for men and women.

Our clients struggle from a variety of life issues, mostly alcoholism and chemical dependency, but in actuality their issues usually stem from some form of abuse, mental issues, or abandonment.

The program starts pretty simply: find employment, go to 12-Step meetings, getting a sponsor, and work the 12-steps which develops qualities derived from positive fellowship such as: accountability, reliability, the habit of following your conscience, and honesty.

Our Directors and officers as well as staff are all volunteer and do not receive any form of salary. All donations go to serve those in need. Our staff is truly committed to allowing the opportunity for people to move forward with their lives.