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Welcome To Exodus Community Services

We are a small group of men and women who realized that those seeking to escape the ravages of drugs and alcohol share a common need: they all need a safe place to rebuild their lives.

The disease of addiction had effectively destroyed their relationships, robbed them of their dignity, humanity, and left them enslaved to a sickness that knows no boundaries. Most became homeless, allowed their careers to be sabotaged and eventually lost their jobs. To compound the situation, they lost their faith, and hope.

Their stories are our stories. Seeing that we could come together and be of service, Exodus was formed.

"Where there is life, there is hope"

Today, through the care, love and support of families and peers, we have witnessed lives transformed. Faith begins to work, relationships are mended, hearts are healed, and new friendships blossom.

We believe that with a genuine, heartfelt desire to change, all things are possible. It is through this rewarding priviledge, that Exodus continues to move forward and carry on our mission: to save lives.